• Project Fashion: Design Sketchbook: Female Figure Templates

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    Are you bursting with Fashion Design ideas but find it tedious to sketch the figures first? For a Fashion Design student it may be frustrating when you want to focus on fashion design but your underdeveloped figure drawing skills are prohibiting you from capturing your inspiration onto paper. With “Project Fashion: Design Sketchbook” you will find it easier to bring your ideas to life right away by sketching over the lightly drawn outlines of the Fashion Croquis (doll template) and figure templates that are provided. This book contains 78 black and white pages of 168 pairs of female Croquis (front and back) and 14 Female figure templates (7 poses). There are 14 projects and each project consists of four stages that focus specifically on the sketching parts of the fashion design process. The stages are as follows: Rough drawings Final RoughTechnical IllustrationFashion IllustrationAn example of each of these four stages is demonstrated at the beginning of this book. The goal of this book is to help aspiring fashion designers develop their designing skills. This book is perfect for fashion design students or people who are interested in fashion design as a hobby.

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