About 971 Group

About 971

971 Group – Who Are We?

971 Group is a well-emerging integrated group for providing highly responsive good user service to the UAE. We provide express services in the fields of e-commerce, digital marketing, lifestyle, and VPN App service through our most promising online “Innovative Online Business.”


971shop.com is one of Dubai’s finest and leading online shopping, offering everything literally. We are such amazing and promising shopping store and sells guanine products with super attractive discounts. Also, we have a huge collection of all category products on our website portal. We have beauty products, laptops, accessories, electronics, kitchen to health, etc. Additionally, we have a well-known return policy for damaged goods and provide standard support around-the-clock.  As we follow 100% secure payment, we consequently manage our store internationally by providing online service in USA, UK, Saudi Arabia and of course UAE.


971digital.com is one of the top digital marketing agency in Dubai. We have an especially creative digital specialist group who are always ready to boost client business through our exceptional consultant services. Our digital services includes website development, graphic design, mobile app development, business reviews, digital marketing, link building, and other allied services. With our 24/7 friendly support and customer engagement campaign, we collaborate with clients in each engagement, and capture the best strategy to successfully run their business. By combining digital technique, we (971digital.com) convey a guaranteed awareness to extensive audience.


971life.com is extremely proud to serve the restaurant culture and Dubai lifestyle as a reliable media source. We have designed this for the modern people who are exciting making a difference in their business in several ways. The evolution of our unique brand mainly focuses on the review business of hotels, lounges, restaurants, online service products, and much more. So, for standing in the crowd and increase sales, our sponsored reviews encourage people to become a new customer in future.

971 VPN:

971 VPN is the world’s best 100% free secured VPN in UAE and worldwide. To connect any private network with high-speed performance, our app is outstanding. The UI is simple, and no additional settings are required. It’s based on pro-shield hotspot technology so that other trackers cannot track online activities. It also keeps your internet traffic secure and won’t grab personal data from the user. Changing location is also easy, and no limits of usage and connections. So, download our 971 VPN from the Google play store and get access ASAP.

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